Oil products

Oil products

Oil products

Argus services cover the full range of refined oil products from around the world using our transparent and market-appropriate methodologies. From key refined product prices in Europe to the emerging fuel markets in Mexico, we have the industry-specific insights to provide the high-level analysis and pricing that our customers can rely on.

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ARGUS US Products

Argus US Products is your comprehensive intelligence and pricing service for all US product prices, including gasoline, blendstocks, diesel, jet and renewable fuels, with price assessments delivered at 3:45 pm central.


ARGUS Biofuels

Argus reports daily spot prices and industry news on international biofuels, ethanol and feedstock markets. Daily news coverage of important legislative market events is written by industry experts.


ARGUS European Products

Our flagship petroleum products service, the Argus European Products service is your must-have source of the Argus Rotterdam Eurobob gasoline assessment.


ARGUS Jet Fuel

The daily Argus Jet Fuel service offers prices that are increasingly used and trusted as benchmarks by companies throughout the supply chain.


ARGUS Latin Markets

The weekly Argus Latin Markets service provides an insightful source of news, data and analysis on the Latin American crude and refined products sectors.


ARGUS Marine Fuels

The Argus Marine Fuels service is your comprehensive source of daily bunker prices for all key global markets, plus the latest market-moving news and data.


ARGUS Base Oils

The weekly Argus Base Oils service provides base oils spot prices, supplier-posted prices, market analysis and premiums for all the key markets globally.


ARGUS Global Markets

The Argus Global Markets service draws on Argus’ daily oil price reporting expertise and features intelligent, independent coverage on derivatives, arbitrage, market fundamentals and global trading.


ARGUS Asia-Pacific Products

The Argus Asia-Pacific Products service includes a daily report that provides prices and commentary on the bulk spot markets for petroleum products in Asia-Pacific.

Argus provides prices for your business


Argus price assessments enable you to price your production contracts with confidence. Benchmark the performance of each segment of your refinery, and each group in your company, from the crude distillation unit, to the trading group, to the marketing team, and right down to the rack.


Argus price assessments form the backbone of bulk contracts, wholesale contracts, exchange contracts and everything in between. Futures are also available for clearing on the major exchanges, giving you the option of hedging your exposure.


Many suppliers buy oil products based on Argus prices, benchmarked to Argus prices or both. Argus provides a truly representative price because it understands that the markets trade all day, so linking your deal to Argus helps to eliminate risk in your business.


Are you faced with truing up inventories at the end of a cycle? Valuing what is left in the tank? Determining investment needs for the next two years? Argus' robust spot market assessments and cutting-edge market intelligence have you covered.


Argus' oil product services provide cutting-edge market intelligence and truly representative market prices. Whether you need live pricing in key physical spot markets, updates on what is driving prices or a price to settle your books against, Argus can meet your requirements.

Specialised market coverage

  • Marine fuels

    Access bunker prices and a global marine scrubber database
  • Jet fuel

    Access daily aviation fuel prices and information on deals done
  • US transportation fuels

    Access gasoline, diesel and blendstock price assessments delivered daily at 3:45 pm central
  • Biofuels

    Access daily spot prices on biofuels, ethanol and feedstocks
  • Base oils

    Access weekly base oils spot prices, supplier-posted prices and market analysis
  • Asphalt

    Access weekly asphalt market insights covering North and Latin America
  • German fuels

    Access inland price assessments in key regions of the German downstream market
  • Petroleum coke

    Access weekly and monthly prices, commentary and news for fuel-grade petroleum coke
  • Bitumen

    Access weekly price assessments for domestic and export bitumen and asphalt markets

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See a listing of our oil products market services

We are dedicated to covering oil products markets around the world, and our services will help you find the prices and news you need to track the industry. We have offerings in English and Russian, and we are able to put oil products into context within the larger energy landscape owing to our deep knowledge of upstream markets. We invite you to explore our services and see which one may best fit your business.

Frequently downloaded oil products methodologies

Conferences and events

Our conferences and events around the globe bring together the top minds and managers from various commodity sectors. Join us and gain exclusive insight into commodity markets.


Argus Consulting Services, part of the Argus Media group, is the research and consultancy division of Argus. We provide clients with customised analysis, research, data and commentary services on international commodity markets.

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