The Argus Tanker Freight service is your essential source of pricing, news and analysis for the global clean and dirty tanker markets. Covering all major trade flows through to niche and opaque routes.

This service offers an unrivalled wealth of freight data, which perfectly complements analysis of the crude, refined oil products and biofuels markets. Industry participants throughout the commodity supply chains use Argus Tanker Freight data for daily market intelligence, contracts, tenders and pricing formulas, to track arbitrages and to inform long-term strategy decisions.

You will get exclusive downloads, tailored Argus Direct Workspaces and custom calculation sheets for more sophisticated analysis. Our global team of freight experts are also on hand to offer personalised market outlooks.

Key features


Global freight data

Global crude and refined products freight prices, from major routes to opaque trades, like Russian-origin freight and emerging flows from Argentina, Guyana, Canada and beyond.


Robust methodology

Transparent methodologies, constantly improved based on market feedback to reflect best practices and provide the industry with the most reliable indexes.


News and analysis

A global team of reporters and analysts deliver daily market intelligence, connecting the dots between freight and commodity markets.


Exclusive content

Benefit from exclusive downloads, such as a vessel scrapping database and specialist thought leadership content.


Advanced tools

Get custom-made calculation sheets and Argus Direct Workspaces for advanced analysis to track arbitrages, benchmark performance and make better decisions.


Daily report

A PDF report is published at the end of each trading day, including data, visualisations and the latest news, analysis and commentary.

Customers that benefit

Argus Tanker Freight is the leading source of freight data and market intelligence for players throughout the supply chains of crude oil, refined products and biofuels. Below are examples of how clients use this service:
  • Producers and exporters

    Use our freight assessments in contracts, to calculate official selling prices, inform tenders, run analysis, benchmark performance and shape long-term sales strategies.

  • Feedstock buyers and importers

    Lean on Argus freight assessments to calculate import parity prices, run netbacks, track margins, perform competitive analysis, use in contracts and tenders and to formulate purchasing strategies.

  • Traders

    Require precise freight costs per ton or barrel to track arbitrages and identify opportunities quickly. They use our advanced tools that combine commodities and freight data to get the best margins on major routes, as well as swing and niche trades.
  • Analysts and risk managers

    Use our freight data to create custom views for market analysis and combine it with Argus crude and refined products data for a complete view. Our news and commentaries provide an understand of price movements and market shifts.

  • Financial institutions

    Run market analysis and read our news and commentaries to identify investment opportunities in the shipping, crude and refined products markets.

  • Shipowners and brokers

    Use our freight insights in contracts, to track commercial performance and get a deeper understanding of the many connections between the commodity and freight markets.