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Maximize your view into Intraday U.S. Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Pricing - Watch the Market As It Moves

Never Miss a Market Move with the Argus Spot Ticker, the Most Accurate Intraday Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Pricing Tool.

If you are buying or selling gasoline or diesel fuel, you know how volatile U.S. prices can be. In a matter of minutes, markets can shift direction drastically. Without timely and accurate intraday fuel pricing to help you make the right decisions, you are at the mercy of the market  - and potentially behind competitors. 

The Argus Spot Ticker keeps you on top of every market move with real-time intraday pricing for gasoline, diesel, ethanol, and RINs. Argus spot price assessors are the best in the business, dedicated exclusively to in-depth coverage of all seven spot markets East of the Rockies and U.S. West Coast.

We can help you maximize your view into volatile U.S. fuel pricing

Included in every Argus Spot Ticker:

  • Up-to-the-minute, verified gasoline and diesel fuel prices in all U.S. spot markets with clear indications of market direction.
  • Four daily "benchmark freezes" to provide an insight into the closing Argus spot numbers.
  • Customize the view that's right for you - see the markets and products that matter to you
  • A constantly updating road fuels newsfeed that sits alongside prices, so you can quickly see what news is driving the market up, or down.
  • RINS and Ethanol prices - included at no extra charge.

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