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Finding a reliable, independent source of analysis and benchmark pricing could have a huge impact on your business in uncertain times. For more than 50 years, Argus has been bringing transparency to international commodity markets, and the Argus AgriMarkets service brings that same expertise to the global grain, oilseed and vegoil markets. This daily report gives you independent, accurate price assessments, analysis and the latest news in a quick and easy online and pdf format you need before starting the trading day.

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Key regional prices

  • Grains freight rates
  • Seven-month curve for soybeans delivered to China (cfr), assessed as differentials to CBOT soybean
  • Daily prices for Ukraine wheat and corn markets
  • Daily prices for Canada wheat
  • Daily prices for Brazil soybeans and corn markets (during the export season for each market)

Argus AgriMarkets key prices

Source: Argus AgriMarkets, 23 July 2021


  • Ukraine wheat 11.5% fob (UW1) spot
  • Ukraine wheat 11.5% cpt (UW2) spot
  • Wheat 12.5% fob Russia
  • Ukraine feed barley cpt spot
  • Ukraine corn fob (UC1) spot
  • Ukraine corn cpt (UC2) spot
  • Canada wheat 13.5% fob (CWRS) spot
  • Brazil corn fob Santos diff to CBOT
  • China soybeans cfr diff to CBOT

Customers that benefit

Farmers/Producers can:

  • Gain impartial and accurate pricing and supply and demand data to efficiently plan your supply
  • Negotiate contracts at the best price to maximise your profit

Millers/End users benefit from:

  • Impartial and accurate pricing 
  • Price trends to help negotiate contracts and support strategic planning

Traders can:

  • Understand what is moving prices
  • Dive into the main developments in the spot markets, analyse fundamentals and policy developments in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia
  • Identify trends and opportunities by gaining access to daily price assessments for Ukraine’s wheat and corn markets and Brazil’s soybean and corn markets 
  • Gain insights into major developments with the latest news and analysis on what is moving the global grain, oilseed and vegoil markets

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