New energy infrastructure

New energy infrastructure

Build a comprehensive view on the infrastructure requirement for powering the world. Gain near and long-term insights into the building of assets to capture natural renewable energy, such as wind, solar and hydro. Stay informed on key developments for building batteries and charging infrastructure, or the ongoing conversion of power plants away from fossil fuels.

  • rare earths vehicle electrification

    Green energy to power rare earths demand

    The white paper outlines how offshore wind and electric vehicles are set to drive demand for rare earths.
  • electric vehicles

    What's the outlook for battery materials?

    This white paper examines how global demand for lithium-based energy storage systems (ESS) is accelerating as costs decline.
  • oil rig

    Oil firms need a new covenant with investors

    The prospect of a lower-carbon future has left oil and gas firms struggling for investment as they try to adapt, writes Tom Fowler.
  • marine fuels

    Q&A: Star Bulk president eyes alt fuels

    Star Bulk Carriers president Hamish Norton discusses the IMO's mandate on GHG through the use of alternative fuels such as ammonia, battery and hydrogen fuel cells.

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Realise potential with tailored research projects. Argus Consulting have worked with many organizations as the energy industry takes steps to overcome challenges and grasp opportunities thrown up by the global transition and the move towards greater use of renewable power.

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