Argus Jet Fuel

ARGUS Jet Fuel

The Argus Jet Fuel service offers prices that are increasingly used and trusted as a benchmark by companies throughout the supply chain.

This comprehensive market service offers daily aviation fuel prices, information on deals done, full trading commentary and market-moving news.

It is crucial for airlines and suppliers to have careful supply chain management, especially when they are exposed to prices that can be affected by localised logistical constraints. Our distinctive global pricing structure allows carriers and suppliers to manage their global supply systems more efficiently.

Markets covered

  • Sustainable aviation fuel – SAF fob ARA, SAF fob Singapore and US West coast SAF
  • US: New York Harbor, US Gulf coast, Chicago, Philadelphia, Tulsa, Los Angeles, LAX and San Francisco
  • Europe: Mediterranean, ARA and northwest Europe
  • Asia-Pacific: Singapore, South Korea and Japan
  • Africa: Durban and west Africa
  • Middle East: Mideast Gulf
  • Russia: Moscow, Chimkent and Pavlodar
  • Mexico: East coast, Rosarito and Lazaro Cardenas
  • Latin America: Brazil

Key features

  • Up-to-date market information and analysis to support operational issues as the day’s events unfold
  • Historical database dating back to 1986, allowing research to determine seasonal and geographical pricing patterns
  • Ability to compare prices from various geographic regions to determine arbitrage opportunities
  • Crack spreads related to crude and ULSD or gasoil to better understand refining economics relative to crude and other transportation fuels

Customers that benefit

The Argus Jet Fuel service is essential for anyone with exposure to the global aviation fuel markets. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • Airlines use our market data to ensure that indexed contractual arrangements based on Argus’ assessments represent the most objective market price. Regional prices and market information allow airlines to plan for the most cost-effective fuelling arrangements.
  • Traders rely on Argus Jet Fuel market information to identify potential arbitrage opportunities to improve profitability, and indexed arrangements ensure limited basis risk with suppliers.
  • Refiners use Argus’ assessments to determine the most profitable production opportunities. Our detailed information on specific market supply and demand balances and refinery shutdowns helps identify regional pricing trends.

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