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ARGUS Petroleum Coke Outlook

The Argus Petroleum Coke Outlook service is your accurate and reliable monthly forecast for global coking markets.

Gain an understanding of future global petroleum coke markets, with a focus on forward-looking analysis of demand, supply and trade flows.

This monthly service features price forecasts for a number of fuel-grade and anode-grade petroleum coke price assessments that we publish, as well as detailed forecasts of supply and demand for petroleum coke in key markets such as the US, Europe, India and China.

Coke and coal


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Markets covered

Quarterly and annual price forecasts for:

  • fob USGC 4.5pc and 6.5pc sulphur
  • cfr China 4.5pc sulphur
  • cfr India 6.5pc sulphur
  • cfr Turkey 4.5pc sulphur
  • cfr USGC 2pc sulphur anode-grade coke

Key features

  • In-depth analysis and supply/demand and price projections
  • Refining economics and market intelligence that affects petroleum coke output
  • Detailed production data from around the globe
  • Import/export and trade flows between all major market participants
  • Forecasts and analysis of end-use markets such as aluminium, cement, power generation and steel production

Customers that benefit

  • Fuel buyers
  • Refiners
  • Aluminum and calciner buyers
  • Traders

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