ARGUS AgriMarkets

Argus AgriMarkets is an essential market intelligence service covering global grains, oilseeds and vegetable oil markets. It provides producers, exporters, intermediaries, and end users with unique insights into the main market drivers while offering visibility on opaque cash markets in global competing origins and a library of downloadable fundamentals datasets.

Argus AgriMarkets combines the expertise of Agritel with the know-how of Argus to bring you up-to-date insights and analysis on global wheat, corn, barley, rapeseed and soybeans. It also includes coverage of rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and grain freight rates.


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Get the full picture of the agricultural commodities

Market intelligence Downloadable grains and oilseeds datasets Competing origins prices
  • Daily market insights in global grains
  • Forward-looking analysis
  • Global cash prices
  • Policy-related news, tender information and other real-time news
  • Australian grains and oilseeds line-up data
  • Russia's wheat exports
  • China's grain imports
  • Ukraine grains and oilseeds line-up data
  • MENA wheat imports
  • US soybeans crushing capacity
  • Wheat tender database
  • Crop conditions, harvest progress,
  • and much more..
  • Wheat prices: Russia, Ukraine, Romania-Bulgaria, Argentina, Canada
  • Corn prices: Ukraine, Romania-Bulgaria, Argentina, Brazil, China cfr
  • Barley prices: Ukraine, Argentina (including malting)
  • Oilseeds prices: Brazil soybeans, 7-month forward soybeans China delivered curve, Ukraine rapeseed and sunflower seed
  • Vegetable oils prices: Spot and forward sunflower oil (SFO), rapeseed oil (RSO) and soybean oil (SBO) curves

Reduce risk, protect margins

This daily report gives you independent, accurate price assessments, analysis and the latest news in a quick and easy online platform and pdf format. Access the hard-to-find data you need to navigate highly uncertain markets, protect your margins and reduce your risk.

The intelligence you need at glance:

Fast Powerful Essential
Argus Workspaces dashboards offer fully customisable views of agriculture prices, analysis and news, and shortcuts to downloadable fundamentals data. Instantly visualise the data you need, tailor which insights you view and benefit from focused market intelligence, giving you more time to make critical decisions. Real-time analysis, prices, news, downloadable Excel datasets compiling hard-to-find fundamentals, such as line-up data, trade flows data where customs data is lacking, harvest progress, and much more. Customise and automate your access to global agriculture price data through our proprietary Argus Direct Excel add-on. A comprehensive daily PDF report to get the full picture of the agriculture market drivers.
  • "Argus combines daily market intelligence and regional cash market pricing with weekly S&D forecasting. This really sets you apart from the competition" - Geneva based trading firm
  • "We didn't know what we were going to use [to value our positions], then you delivered - Argus listened to our needs and worked on it, and 2 months later you gave us a price, that is a big plus" - European banker
  • "Argus is clearly very strong on grains pricing and coverage" - MENA importer

Get ahead of the markets: combine with Argus Agritel Outlook

The AgriMarkets + Argus Agritel Outlook package combines the granularity of Argus Agritel daily market and trade flow analysis with a bird's eye view of the markets, including price discovery, supply and demand forecasts, fundamentals data downloads, and proprietary crop analysis.

Argus Agritel Outlook Features & Benefits

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