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Argus Special Interest Hubs

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How is the global energy system transforming? The global energy transition is well under way, presenting opportunities, challenges and important decisions for consumers and producers alike. Argus provides a trusted and independent view into the changing energy landscape, including future fuels, trading opportunities and new energy infrastructure.

The Argus US Election 2020 hub page brings together the best of our coverage of the US’ presidential and congressional elections, with news and analysis on the implications of Joe Biden’s victory for energy and commodity markets, in-depth examinations of the president-elect’s plans for energy, environmental and foreign policy, and focus pieces looking at how new leadership in the US could affect relations with countries like China, Iran and Russia and with regions like the Middle East, Latin America and Europe, courtesy of our international editorial team.

The coronavirus has reached into every corner of commodity and energy markets, both inside China and worldwide. Its effects in both the short- and medium-term are far-reaching and, in some cases, rather surprising. In an in-depth cross-commodity, and on this real-time hub, we examine a vast range of impacts in oil markets, metals, petrochemicals, coal, LNG, LPG and fertilizer markets. What are the knock-on effects of transport shutdowns, factory closures, and global trade flow disruptions?

Gain a competitive edge in energy-related investment by turning to Argus Media’s data science services. These services uniquely join our proprietary physical transaction data, including prices, volume and location, with constant market interaction.

The increased volatility in prices for oil products and clean tankers freight rates is keeping the market on its toes. As trade routes and arbitrages grow unstable, a comprehensive view into the links between products and shipping costs is required.

Argus assesses a wide range of commodity prices that are crucial when sourcing materials for automotive components. Our spot prices are essential assessments for carmakers, as the industry develops physical purchasing processes alongside sophisticated hedging strategies. Argus also assesses prices across all stages of ferrous and non-ferrous value chains by employing a global team of experts that diligently enforces our market-leading and audited methodologies. We work with the broader automotive industry to assess the most relevant prices to their global and complex supply chains.

In an increasingly dynamic LNG market, participants need a trusted benchmark to capture and manage freight price risk. Argus’ LNG freight day rates are the robust and representative assessments that the industry needs for demurrage contracts, long-term charter agreements, and to settle financial instruments used for hedging, trading and inter-regional arbitrage.

US sanctions on Venezuela’s national oil company PdV, first imposed on 28 January 2019, cast another layer of geopolitical uncertainty onto the international oil market. The sanctions take effect in stages, gradually intensifying their impact on the Opec country’s imports and exports, and the sanctions rollout and partial unwinding of commercial ties will help to shape near-term market dynamics, with longer-term implications for policy and investment. Follow along with Argus as we deliver the latest news and market analysis on this story.

Argus produces podcasts that elaborate on shifts within markets, featuring reporters, editors and other experts from around the globe.