Trading opportunities

Trading opportunities

Moves to decarbonise energy markets present opportunities and challenges for traders. As availability of renewable energy increases, traders face negative prices, changing import and export patterns, everchanging environmental market credits and issues around balancing grids. Understanding these trends is critical to making effective trading decisions.

Environmental Market Insights

20 7月 2021

Environmental Market Insights: Legislative impacts on RECs at the federal and state level

This fourth and final episode will discuss updates in environmental market programs at the federal and state level.


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06 7月 2021

Environmental Market Insights: What’s next for LCFS programs?

This third episode in a new mini-series will discuss growth in low carbon fuel standards programs across the US and Canada.


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22 6月 2021

Environmental Market Insights: New cap-and-trade programs

This second episode in a new mini-series will discuss the expanding cap-and-trade programs across the US.


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08 6月 2021

Environmental Market Insights: NOx allowance program

This first episode in a new mini-series will take a deep dive into the NOx market and changes coming this summer.


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  • Shifting trends for guarantees of origin

    Webinar discussing shifting market trends and legislation changes for guarantees of origin with RECS International and Commerg.
  • Turning negatives into positives

    This blog explores how negative prices in EU power markets during lockdown offer a glimpse into a possible new future for power trading in Europe.
  • US carbon markets & Covid-19

    Covid-19 has caused significant price moves in US environmental markets, and Argus experts break down the impacts of the pandemic in this on-demand webinar.
  • EU ETS emissions set for sharp decline

    This white paper examines how the surplus of EU ETS allowances leaves EU leaders under pressure to make key decisions over the carbon market’s supply structure.
  • Podcast: BP Energy Outlook 2020

    We talk with BP about their annual energy outlook, which outlines scenarios exploring different pathways for the global energy system out to 2050.


Realise potential with tailored research projects. Argus Consulting have worked with many organizations as the energy industry takes steps to overcome challenges and grasp opportunities thrown up by the global transition and the move towards greater use of renewable power.

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