Brazil truck freight for grains transportation

Brazil truck freight for grains transportation


Logistics is one important piece for agriculture in Brazil, especially considering the long distances from main producing areas to ports where the cargo will be shipped.

Road transportation is key to grains exports in Brazil and despite high liquidity, with several transportation companies, this market still has little independent and reliable information available.

To fill that gap Argus now assesses weekly five routes for grains delivered from Brazil’s largest producing state, Mato Grosso, to main transshipment and export channels.

Argus talks to a wide range of sources that are buying or selling transportation services. With this assessment, Argus captures the details that are moving the market.

Grains exporters rely on Argus road freight rates for main export and transshipment routes to calculate destination and export parity prices.

Three routes covered are from Sorriso, in Mato Grosso, with destinations to: rail connection in Rondonopolis; transshipment in Miritituba, where cargo moves to barge on route to Northern Arch ports; and Santos. From Rondonopolis, the routes go to the ports of Paranagua and Santos.

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