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  • Markets in Conflict

    This unique podcast series connects listeners with powerful insight from Argus’ leading experts on the broader impact and deeper implication of conflict and volatility in global markets.
  • Net Zero Transition

    Curious about how the net zero economy will evolve. Listen to subject matter expert opinions backed by reliable market data.
  • The Crude Report

    The Crude Report podcast series examines the critical forces impacting global crude oil markets.
  • SAF Insights

    The SAF Insights podcast series delivers data driven insights and commentary from leading experts in the sustainable aviation fuel industry.
  • Driving Discussions

    This podcast series examines the market forces that impact road fuels across the globe.
  • Falando De Mercado (Market Talks)

    This primarily Portuguese podcast series analyses market trends and their impacts in Brazil and Latin America.
  • Inside Fertilizer Analytics

    Each episode utilises data and insight from our Argus Fertilizer Analytics services, and provides our consultants’ views on the outlook for prices, supply, demand, costs, trade and projects.
  • Metal Movers

    The Metal Movers podcast series covers the latest developments in ferrous, non-ferrous, scrap, battery and specialty metals.
  • The Weight of Freight

    Our global team of experts explore the intricate and powerful connections between the shipping and commodities markets.
  • LPG Conversations

    Global LPG Conversations series aims to deliver data driven insights and commentary from leading experts in the LPG and NGL industry.

Net Zero Transition

08 6月 2022

Net Zero Transition: Developing hydrogen ecosystems

Andy Marsh, President & CEO of Plug Power joins Tim Hard to talk about Plug Power’s foundational role in building hydrogen supply chains in indoor logistics.


English カーボンニュートラル 電力

01 6月 2022

Net Zero Transition: The “turquoise” option

Vikram Anenden General Manager Hydrogen Division of Synergen Met joins Tim Hard, SVP Energy Transition at Argus, to discuss the methane pyrolysis process to produce hydrogen.


排出権 English Global カーボンニュートラル

18 4月 2022

Net Zero Transition: Decarbonizing urban transportation and construction

Net Zero Transition podcasts are back!


排出権 English Europe Global カーボンニュートラル 電力

02 11月 2021

Hydrogen and Future Fuels Insights: Electrolysers

Hydrogen is a central pillar of the IEA’s pathway toward net-zero.


カーボンニュートラル バイオエネルギー 排出権 化学肥料 天然ガス/LNG 電力 Asia-Pacific Europe Latin America and Caribbean Middle East North America English

16 12月 2021

Net Zero Transition: Tradeable hydrogen markets

How will a global tradeable market for hydrogen develop? What measures do stakeholders need to take? Is natural gas the closest analogue?


排出権 天然ガス/LNG カーボンニュートラル 電力 Europe English バイオエネルギー 化学肥料 金属 フレート/輸送

22 10月 2021

Hydrogen and Future Fuels Insights: Hydrogen and potential role in steel production decarbonisation

This is the first episode of our hydrogen and future fuels podcast series. It sheds light on the possible role of hydrogen as a major fuel source to help decarbonise the energy intensive steel production process.


カーボンニュートラル バイオエネルギー 排出権 金属 石油製品 Global English Asia-Pacific Europe Latin America and Caribbean Middle East North America

From the Economist's Chair series

Argus Chief Economist David Fyfe explores the global events impacting commodity markets. Through podcasts and blog posts, this series looks at the micro issues affecting one or more markets, and places them in a macro context. Listen or read to be kept informed of the latest developments.

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