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Regular ongoing podcast series

  • Driving Discussions

    This podcast series examines the market forces that impact road fuels across the globe.
  • The Crude Report

    The Crude Report podcast series examines the critical forces impacting global crude oil markets.
  • Falando De Mercado (Market Talks)

    This primarily Portuguese podcast series analyses market trends and their impacts in Brazil and Latin America.
  • The Weight of Freight

    Our global team of experts explore the intricate and powerful connections between the shipping and commodities markets.
  • The Petcoke Podcast

    The Petcoke Podcast provides key insights direct from industry participants in petroleum coke markets across the world.
  • Inside Fertilizer Analytics

    Each episode utilises data and insight from our Argus Fertilizer Analytics services, and provides our consultants’ views on the outlook for prices, supply, demand, costs, trade and projects.

From the Economist's Chair series

Argus Chief Economist David Fyfe explores the global events impacting commodity markets. Through podcasts and blog posts, this series looks at the micro issues affecting one or more markets, and places them in a macro context. Listen or read to be kept informed of the latest developments.

Exploring alternative marine fuels

08 2月 2021

Talking IMO 2020, transparency, and preparing for the future with KPI OceanConnect CEO Søren Høll

Our latest marine fuels webinar explores the global market and volumes in 2021, as well as how owners and operators can deliver cost-effective marine energy procurement strategies.


English 石油製品 フレート/輸送

09 12月 2020

Methanol as a marine fuel - potential pathways

Listen in as industry experts explore the viability of methanol as a fuel of the future in this latest episode in our marine fuels series.


Global フレート/輸送 English バイオエネルギー

06 11月 2020

Discussing the future of bunker fuels with car carrier UECC

As new car sales continue to struggle as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, what has been the impact on car carrier UECC?


石油製品 フレート/輸送 Europe Asia-Pacific English

14 10月 2020

LNG as a widely used future marine fuel

What impact has Covid-19 had on LNG as a marine fuel? Argus discusses the future of IMO compliance with Titan LNG.


Global 天然ガス/LNG フレート/輸送

16 9月 2020

Low carbon fuels and state of the bunker industry

Tune in to learn about the progress of the IMO 2020 cap and the impact of Covid-19 from Adrian Tolson, Director, BLUE Insight, and IBIA board member


Global フレート/輸送 石油製品

12 8月 2020

Exploring bio-marine fuels with GoodFuels CEO Dirk Kronemeijer

Listen in to learn about GoodFuels' journey towards becoming a pioneer in the bio-marine fuels market and the intricacies of building a carbon-neutral future for the industry.


English Global フレート/輸送 石油製品

Jet Fuel Insights, 2020

09 3月 2021

Jet Fuel Insights: Europe’s flight to SAF

The latest Jet Fuel Insights podcast focuses on the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) market with a closer look at how government policies can help develop the industry.


English Europe Global 石油製品

15 12月 2020

Jet Fuel Insights: The growing importance of SAF in the US

With increased demand and more clean fuels programs on the horizon in the US and Canada, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is joining center stage with renewable diesel as a key fuel in North America.


石油製品 バイオエネルギー North America English

20 10月 2020

Jet Fuel Insights: Exports out of USGC

This final episode of our four-part podcast miniseries considers how the freight market affects jet fuel prices around the globe.


石油製品 North America English

29 9月 2020

Jet fuel insights: How has demand affected trade flows in and out of Asia?

This third of four podcast episodes considers how the freight market affects jet fuel prices around the globe.


石油製品 North America Latin America and Caribbean Asia-Pacific

02 9月 2020

Jet Fuel Insights: The weight of freight on global jet fuel prices

This first of four podcast episodes considers how the freight market affects jet fuel prices around the globe.


石油製品 原油 Global Asia-Pacific Europe Latin America and Caribbean North America

16 9月 2020

Jet Fuel Insights: Impacts on European jet fuel market from MidEast and India

This second of four podcast episodes considers how the freight market affects jet fuel prices around the globe.


Asia-Pacific Europe Middle East 石油製品 English

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