Global LPG Conversations

Global LPG Conversations

The Global LPG Conversations podcast delivers data driven insights and commentary from leading experts in the LPG and NGL industry. This series explores the market in different geographical regions, discussing news, indexes, prices, trades, and much more. Argus podcast episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher, and the Argus Blog.

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Latest episodes of Global LPG Conversations

27 9月 2023

Global LPG Conversations: Biopropane - growth, challenges and opportunities

Join our experts David Appleton and Giulia Squadrin as they discuss biopropane market trends and dynamics as Argus prepares to launch a new daily price assessment to expand its coverage of the European hydrotreated biofuels market.


LPG/NGL Global English Europe

14 9月 2023

Global LPG Conversation: China PDH and LPG Import Trends

In this episode, David Appleton, Esther Phua and Frances Goh discuss the current market situation in LPG in Asia-Pacific.


LPG/NGL English Asia-Pacific

22 5月 2023

Global LPG Conversations: Poland's eastern dilemma

Has the Polish LPG industry reduced its dependency on Russia? How have price volatility and supply disruptions impacted demand? Should the market expect another year of logistical bottlenecks?


Global LPG/NGL English Key prices

21 3月 2023

Global LPG Conversations – Insights from ARDA Week, Cape Town

LPG was a hot topic at this year’s African Refiners and Distributors Association, where it was described as a fuel of the future. This episode of Global LPG Conversations comes from the sidelines of the event, with Argus’ David Appleton, VP LPG, and James Gooder, VP Cru...


English LPG/NGL Africa

31 1月 2023

Global LPG Conversations: European propane prices soar unexpectedly on international and local factors

In this episode, International LPG Editor Peter Wilton joins David Appleton, Argus LPG VP, to discuss factors behind European benchmark propane pricing surging 30pc year-to-date. The explanation combines global and local factors and how the latter exacerbates the former...


Europe 石油製品 English

09 1月 2023

Global LPG Conversations: Poland’s changing LPG supply routes in the face of the Russia-Ukraine war

In this episode, David Appleton, Argus’ VP of LPG, and LPG reporter Waldemar Jaszczyk discuss Poland’s recent efforts to reduce its dependence on Russian supply through seaborne imports and the likelihood of Warsaw imposing a unilateral embargo on LPG from the east.


English Europe LPG/NGL

19 12月 2022

Global LPG Conversations: Developments in the Chinese LPG market and the impact of changing COVID measures

In this edition of Global LPG conversations, LPG specialist Celia Chen from Argus’ Shanghai office talks to Argus vice-president LPG, David Appleton


English Asia-Pacific LPG/NGL

14 12月 2022

Global LPG Conversations: Canadian propane waterborne exports rise in 2022

In this episode of Global LPG Conversations, Argus’ Americas NGLs editor, Amy Strahan, and Canadian NGLs, senior reporter, Yulia Golub, examine Canadian propane demand and exports.


English North America LPG/NGL Asia-Pacific

17 11月 2022

Global LPG Conversations: Statistical Review of Global LPG

The report features supply, demand and trade statistics in 2021 for over 120 countries. Key findings in the report highlight LPG’s role as an essential fuel, making it one of the most resilient fuels in the industry.


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