Argus Meat & Livestock

With a focus on the Australian cattle markets, the Argus Meat & Livestock service provides market participants with tightly specified, trusted benchmarks to manage growing risk, protect margins and monitor price spreads in these exceptionally volatile market conditions.

Argus Australian Feeder Steer Index and its pricing applications:

"We've got a really accurate weekly index showing us what the values of a feeder steer is - that talks to value discovery not just for lot feeders but right across the supply chain - that's a grass fed producer in North Queensland, a processor in Brisbane, or an Angus producer in the South - you can draw a correlation off of that".

- A major farming, breeding, and feedlot owner speaking about
the Argus Feeder Steer Index at BeefEx 2022


The Argus Meat & Livestock service gives access to:

- Australian northern feeder cattle pricing, charting and downloadable data

  - Australian northern Angus feeder cattle pricing, charting and downloadable data

  - Australian cattle market analysis, market moving news and insights

  - China hog market analysis

  - Global livestock news

All available via a specially curated online dashboard or in PDF format.

The need for trusted benchmarks

What is Argus doing in the Australian cattle market? What methodology underpins the index? Why does the Australian cattle industry need trusted benchmarks? What sets Argus apart from other providers? Find more insights on this increasingly volatile market.

Mecardo podcast: The value of the Argus Feeder Steer Index

“Talking to feedlots, there is a lot of confidence in what you’re doing... Each time I speak with you I become more confident that you’re going to be a serious influence in the Australian cattle industry” – Nutrien’s Robert Herrmann on the Argus Feeder Steer Index. Hear how the index is calculated, its varied applications in price negotiations, contracts, benchmarking and planning/decision marking, as well as what other pricing Argus is developing.

Watch now

Argus' Dalby based market reporter, Jessica Clarke, discusses why Argus launched the Northern Angus Feeder Index and what's driving this market.

阿格斯为全球市场提供信息及相关服务,在此过程中会有必要与分布于欧洲经济区(EEA)内外的集团公司和服务供应商共享您的个人信息。阿格斯(Argus Media)可能会使用提交的详细信息向您发送与您业务相关且您可能感兴趣的阿格斯产品与服务相关内容。您可以随时取消订阅这些更新。我们将遵循本公司的隐私政策对您的个人信息进行妥善管理。

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