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How we help

  • Key prices

    Argus prices are used extensively as benchmarks for derivatives and as indexes in physical contracts.
  • Reports and analysis

    Our reports cover crude oil, oil products, coal, natural gas, emissions, bioenergy, power, metals, transportation, petrochemicals, fertilizer and LPG.
  • Consulting

    Argus provides clients with tailored analysis, research and data on international commodity markets.
  • Conferences and events

    We provide in-depth conferences and events around the world on the energy and commodity markets.

Market coverage


Argus crude services cover global and local markets, offering exclusive prices and insight. Our product range includes daily prices, fundamental data, logistical updates, events and consulting services.


Argus publishes reports that include key industry index and benchmark prices for refined oil products. We cover gasoline, diesel, jet fuels, marine fuels, base oils and more for markets worldwide.


Argus assesses international LPG and NGL prices each day, including the key European indexes and benchmarks and the Argus Far East Index price. Our LPG information is available in multiple languages.

 Natural gas

Argus produces daily price information for international natural gas and LNG markets. Our data is crucial for spot and term pricing, risk analysis and management, mark-to-market and strategic planning.


Argus offers a full range of international chemical services. We have products covering methanol, olefins, polymers, C5 and hydrocarbon resins, aromatics, fuels and octane and inorganic chemicals.

Energy transition

Argus has a global ecosystem of energy experts to provide an industry-grounded understanding of each aspect of how your firm can better navigate the journey to net zero status.


Argus power reports and services are a reliable source of electricity price information and fundamental data. We give markets worldwide the tools to support investment and trading decisions.


Argus coal services include international daily and weekly price assessments, as well as news and commentary. The API indexes, jointly produced with IHS McCloskey, are the standard industry benchmarks.


Argus reports on international biofuel and biomass markets, including ethanol, feedstock markets and RINs. Our biofuel prices are industry benchmarks and our biomass coverage includes wood chip and wood pellets.


Argus price assessments for green markets include CO2 permits, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), SO2 and NOx. We track industry trends and policy developments across these emerging markets.


Argus provides a range of reports covering freight rates, pipeline, rail and port throughputs for petroleum, coal, LPG, natural gas, LNG, fertilizer and metals markets. Our transport information is also available in multiple languages.


Argus provides assessments, analysis and industry news whether you are focusing on bulk commodity markets such as wheat, corn or soybeans or looking at feedstocks for biofuels. We also have agriculture market intelligence from Agritel.


Argus publishes price assessments, including key industry references, in a variety of fertilizer reports. We cover international phosphates, nitrogen, ammonia, potash, sulphur and sulphuric acid markets.


Argus has the most comprehensive view of the metals industry available, featuring over 1,100 proprietary assessments. We also have market news, commentary and live data feeds from key metal exchanges.

Net zero

Navigating energy transition

Energy transition offers tough challenges and huge opportunities. Far from affecting only the power sector, all major industries are looking to transform how they produce, store, transport and consume energy. The need for authoritative information on fuels, industrial heat, power and chemical raw materials has never been greater.

Discussions about your markets

  • Webinar


    Argus webinars offer in-depth examinations of energy and commodity markets and a chance to ask questions of our experts.
  • Podcast


    Argus podcast episodes feature insights about markets around the world and are available on a variety of podcast platforms.
  • Blog

    Argus Blog

    The Argus Blog shares content created by our staff around the globe, sharing unique perspectives and giving more context to markets.

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Our exclusive commodity price data

Argus prices are used as trusted reference points that bring transparency to physical supply and derivative contracts, for mark-to-market purposes, as an indication of value for tax assessment, for risk management and strategic analysis and planning. In every market we cover, from crude to fertilizers, our work is used to broaden market intelligence and is accepted as an accurate and reliable indicator of the real value of a commodity. Let our pricing knowledge inform your business planning and growth.

The Argus advantage

  • market drive

    Exclusive price data

    We cover 25,000+ price assessments from across the globe for key commodity sectors and have been collecting data for 50 years.
  • rapid price fluctuation


    Argus prices are accepted as accurate, reliable indicators of the real value of energy and other commodities and are widely used.
  • reduce risk

    Transparent methodology

    Our methodologies are transparent and our benchmarks are regularly reviewed to ensure they comply with Iosco’s PRA Principles.

Argus delivery methods

Argus platforms

Our Argus Direct, Argus Spot Ticker and Argus Metals platforms, among others, ensure you receive the reports, prices, market insight, data and news in ways that empower your business decisions.

Our partners

We work with a number of partner companies to deliver our market reports, price assessments, fundamentals data, news and market commentary.