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Our team of 600+ commodity market experts keep you up-to-date on the energy and commodity markets as they evolve. Explore our latest complimentary written, audio and video content.


Commodities we cover

From upstream production to downstream end-uses, Argus illuminates complex and opaque commodity markets through accurate and reliable price discovery and actionable insight.

Our benchmark price assessments, news and analysis give you vital insight into the key coal markets of Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas and Africa.
Net Zero
Our global network of energy and commodity experts helps you understand how to navigate each aspect of the journey to net zero.
In-depth data and analysis on the global chemical markets, to help you to understand the industry, from the wellhead to end product.
Our price reports, near-term outlooks and long-term analysis offer the most comprehensive market intelligence on the global fertilizer industry.
We published over 1,300 proprietary metals prices for regional markets across the world, along with in-depth news and analysis.
Pricing, analysis and forecasts to support your business, focusing on grains, oilseeds, vegoils, livestock and organic markets.

Why Argus


illuminating the markets

For over 50 years our independent editorial, robust methodologies and collaborative approach with our customers have ensured them a precise view. This results in a deeper understanding of market dynamics they rely on to make better-informed decisions and manage risk.

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The Argus advantage


Our people

Our dedicated team of industry professionals are close to local markets, so you benefit not only from precise pricing data but the breadth of market intelligence at their fingertips. Data alone – no matter how accurate – is not sufficient.

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The unique market insights we deliver are founded on a deep understanding of market mechanisms. Our methodologies for price discovery are transparent and firmly based on rigorous processes and specifications developed in consultation with market participants.

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For over 50 years, clients have benefited from the precise market intelligence delivered by Argus experts working collaboratively across the global commodity markets.

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How can we help?

No matter which side of the energy commodity market you are on, we remain committed to providing you with a clear focus on the intelligence that is relevant to you

Price assessments
Our prices are used as trusted reference points in physical supply and derivative contracts around the world.
Market news
The market news and commentary we publish reveals vital insights that enable you to make stronger, well-informed decisions.
Analytics and forecasting
Through fundamentals data, data science and forward-looking analysis, we bring the future into focus to help you realise your opportunities.
Argus conferences are researched extensively, based on input and feedback from industry participants to best meet the needs of the markets.
Consulting projects
Through custom consulting projects, we deliver independent advice to help you unearth the unique insights you need.
Training and support
Our customer success specialists are on hand to help you get the most out of your Argus subscription.