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Argus Freight provides daily freight indexes, news and analysis. It is a must-have source of market intelligence for all industry players exposed to seaborne transportation costs. It covers the key trade routes for both clean and dirty tankers, as well as dry bulk and LPG markets. Argus Freight enables you to connect the dots between commodity prices and freight, giving you the full view of the supply chain.

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Highlighted feature: Demurrage price assessments

For counterparties in a freight deal, demurrage can be just as important as the freight rate itself. Weather delays, port congestion, storage issues and many other factors can lead to demurrage taking up a massive proportion of the overall costs and the resulting freight bill.

Argus bring an extra level of transparency to the tanker market by publishing demurrage on major trade routes for crude and petroleum products. These daily indexes can be used in contract negotiation, performance analytics or as a benchmarking tool.

The list of demurrage assessments:

VLCC Suezmax Aframax MR
Atlantic basin to Asia  Black Sea to Med  Black Sea to Med Atlantic Coast Americas
Mideast Gulf to East  Mideast Gulf to East  Kozmino to North China  

Argus also publishes assessments for delays for key seaborne transit points:

  • Turkish Straits Northbound/Southbound
  • Panama Canal Neopanamax locks Northbound/Southbound
  • Panama Canal Panamax locks Northbound/Southbound

Floating storage bookings database

As the world is awash with crude oil and petroleum products, increasing volumes end up in floating storage. Understanding the costs of floating storage, its dynamics and key players is crucial for all players in these markets. Argus Freight’s newest feature, the Floating Storage Bookings database allows easy filtering of data and offers customizable views: from the big picture to very detailed breakdowns by market segments.

floating storage bookings database 

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Key features

  • Over 100 clean and dirty tanker assessments
  • Dry bulk freight rates for coal, iron ore, petroleum coke and fertilizers
  • LPG freight on key trade routes
  • Daily market commentaries, news and analysis
  • Strong focus on supply chain view: impact on commodity prices and arbitrages
  • Regular topical featured content

Markets covered

Dirty Tankers

Key routes:


  • 270,000 Mideast Gulf-Asia Pacific
  • 270,000 USGC-China
  • 260,000 West Africa-China


  • 150,000 USGC-Europe
  • 130,000 West Africa-UKC/Med


  • 100,000 Kozmino-North China
  • 80,000 Cross-UKC
  • 80,000 Black Sea-Med
  • 70,000 USGC-Europe
Clean Tankers:

Key routes:

Long Range

  • 80,000 Med-Japan
  • 75,000 Mideast Gulf-Japan
  • 55,000 Mideast Gulf-Singapore

Medium Range

  • 38,000 USGC-Chile
  • 38,000 USGC-North Brazil
  • 37,000 UKC-Atlantic Coast
  • 37,000 UKC-West Africa
  • 35,000 Mideast Gulf-East Africa


  • 30,000 Baltic-UKC
  • 30,000 cross-Med
Dry Bulk:

Key routes:


  • 160,000 WC Australia-North China
  • 160,000 Tubarao-Qingdao
  • 150,000 Richards Bay-Rotterdam
  • 150, 000 Puerto Bolivar-Rotterdam


  • 70,000 Indonesia-South China
  • 70,000 Indonesia-EC India
  • 70,000 EC Australia-China
  • 70,000 EC Australia-EC India

Key routes:

  • VLGC Houston to Chiba
  • VLGC Houston to Flushing
  • VLGC Mideast Gulf to Japan (Ras Tanura to Chiba)
  • 12,000t Houston-East Coast Mexico (Tuxpan or Pajaritos)
  • 1,800t Tees-ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp)

Regions covered

  • Mideast Gulf
  • Americas
  • Northern Europe
  • Black Sea and Mediterranean
  • Baltic
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Africa

Vessel classes covered

  • Dirty tankers: VLCC, Suezmax, Aframax, Panamax, Handysize
  • Clean tankers: LR2, LR1, MR, Handysize
  • Dry bulk: Capesize, Panamax, Supramax, Handymax, Handysize
  • LPG: VLGC, Handysize, coasters

Customers that benefit

Anyone with an interest in the shipping of clean and dirty petroleum products, coal and LPG will find the Argus Freight service an essential read. Our subscribers include:

  • Shipping companies
  • Ship brokers
  • Traders
  • Suppliers
  • End users
  • Utility companies

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