Argus Global Coal Overview

Argus Global Coal Overview

Global thermal coal prices surged to to record levels in 2022, experiencing unprecedented volatility. Prices have since come off as risks associated with Europe’s winter 22/23 supply recede. At a global level, coal demand remains robust with security of supply shifting higher up the agenda of many governments in light of geopolitical upheaval. In Europe, gas supply cuts have sparked a recovery in power-sector demand, while sanctions have shifted the region’s coal import mix away from Russia and towards other suppliers. In Asia-Pacific, thermal coal remains a pillar of the power and industrial sectors. Global coal trade flows and price spreads are shifting, with flows from key suppliers Russia, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, Colombia and the US penetrating new markets. Keeping on top of prices and flows, and how coal markets intersect with other energy and commodity benchmarks, will be critical in the coming years.

Argus Coal Market Services

Argus coal market services provide you with the professional, high-quality intelligence that you need to meet the demands of today’s global coal markets. Our global coverage includes key prices such as ICI 3, ICI 4, API 2, API 4, API 5, API 6, API 8, API 10, API 12 and the Richards Bay off-specification differentials. Our trusted pricing is used by key industry stakeholders across the globe, from governments to trading houses and financial service providers.

Whether you are interested in European, Asia-Pacific, Americas or African coal markets, we can give you the clearest, most accurate indexation-quality price assessments, news and analysis available on the go.

The coal market services can be accessed from Argus Direct through your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. This dynamic platform provides you with key news, information and tools to empower your business decisions anytime.

Consulting Services

With a wealth of experience in the coal markets globally, Argus Consulting Services has a proven track-record in providing tailored consultancy services for producers, buyers, mining firms, investors, banks, governments and multilateral agencies. Assignments are conducted under strict confidentiality practices and further information required can be provided within the constraints of client confidentiality.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project valuation
  • Price and fundamentals forecasts
  • Market entry studies
  • Strategic planning
  • Market supply strategy
  • Policy and regulation
  • Due diligence
  • Supply, demand and pricing analysis

Visit the coal consulting page or contact for more information.

Other market services

Underground coal mine

ARGUS Russian Coal

Features a detailed overview of the market for the Russian export coal market including key prices such as fob Vostochny, fob Baltic ports and fob Black Sea.

Coal power plant

ARGUS Seaborne Coal Outlook

Features monthly forward-looking analysis and forecasts for demand, supply and prices of key global thermal and metallurgical coal benchmarks.


ARGUS International Coal Forward Curves

A powerful, independent market valuation tool providing a 60 months forward view to support investment and trading decisions in all key coal markets.

Coal machinery on a stockpile

Your trusted source of key coal logistics news, analysis and data.

Argus Russian dry bulk logistics

ARGUS Dry Bulk Logistics

Dry bulk export logistics from Russia providing news, data and analysis on dry bulk transport infrastructure, industry trends and future projects.

Coal ship

ARGUS Freight

Provides daily comprehensive global shipping news and cost data for dry bulk freight routes.

Power towers

ARGUS Russian Generation Fuels and Power

A weekly Russian-language report covering domestic electricity, coal, fuel oil and natural gas markets.

Coal stockpiles moving

Energy ARGUS Petroleum Coke

Your single most reliable source for coke and solid fuel market intelligence. It includes fob US Gulf coast, cfr India and cfr China prices.


ARGUS Petroleum Coke Outlook

Provides your accurate and reliable monthly forecast for global coking markets.

Coal stockpiles

ARGUS/IHS McCloskey's Coking Coal Price Index

Gives you reliable, accurate index prices and historical data for international physical and derivative coal markets.

Coal power plant cooling tower

ARGUS European Emissions Markets

The daily source of European greenhouse gas markets includes EUA prices, CER prices.

Power tower close-up

ARGUS Air Daily

Provides pricing, news and analysis for the North American environmental markets.

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Frequently downloaded coal methodologies

  • ARGUS Coal Daily International

  • ARGUS/McCloskey's Coal Price Index Report

  • Browse all Argus methodologies

Coke and coal
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