The Crude Report podcast series

The Crude Report podcast series

Latest episodes of The Crude Report

19 January 2022

The Crude Report: 2022 to be more of the same, but different…

Many major trends affecting crude oil markets like energy transition, the balancing act between Opec+ and SPRs and Covid-19 continue, but all have evolved in its own way.


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29 December 2021

The Crude Report: Opec+ likely to stay the course

After having weathered the storm of uncertainty last month, expectations are that Opec and its non-Opec partners will once again opt to stick to the script and agree on a 400,000 b/d increase in its production ceiling, as planned.


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22 December 2021

The Crude Report: Rocky markets follow Trans Mountain shutdown

The 300,000 b/d Trans Mountain pipeline connecting Canada’s crude hub to refineries and export hubs at the west coast was closed for three weeks starting in November as a precaution to extreme weather conditions. As a result, ANS crude demand and, therefore, prices surg...

15 December 2021

The Crude Report: BP’s take on Brent

In with WTI Midland, and out with Brent and Forties – this is BP’s prescription for the future of the Dated Brent benchmark. But is the market ready for Brent-free Brent? Opinions remain sharply divided.


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08 December 2021

The Crude Report: Opec+ keeps markets guessing

Between SPR releases and Omicron, uncertainty was the underlying theme of last week’s monthly Opec+ meeting. And although they sanctioned another 400,000-b/d increase to their production quota in January, Opec+ ministers signaled they’d be watching developments closely ...


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01 December 2021

The Crude Report: Pipeline capacity goes from famine to feast

What began as a frenzy to build crude oil pipelines connecting US oil fields like the Permian basin to ports for export has resulted in more pipeline capacity than the crude to fill it.


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