The Weight of Freight content series

The Weight of Freight content series

In this series, Argus’ global team of experts explore the intricate, yet powerful connections between the shipping and commodities markets.

Through podcasts, blogs, white papers and more, this series focuses on different markets, themes and regions to give you the very latest insights to understand the weight of freight.

Argus podcast episodes are available on a variety of podcast platforms as well as the Argus Blog, where each episode can be streamed and is provided with a full transcript and related links.

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Latest blog posts and podcast episodes

27 September 2023

Weight of Freight: EU ETS compliance will add about 3-4pc to freight bill

Starting next year, the thousands of shippers that carry commodities into, from or between EU ports may notice an additional 3-4pc expense on their freight bills.


Freight & Transportation English Europe

29 August 2023

Weight of Freight: Flight from Russian trade weighs on WTI freight

Despite a recent surge of European demand for US light sweet crude, midsize tanker rates from the US to Europe have declined as the G7 price cap pulls ships from the Russian crude trade.


Freight & Transportation Global North America Europe FSU

21 August 2023

Weight of Freight: Evolving Black Sea freight market

In this podcast, Argus’ crude tanker expert Matt Mitchell discusses the impact of Urals prices breaching the EU/G7-established cap on tanker freight and the result of the drone strikes on Black Sea freight.


Freight & Transportation English Europe

27 July 2023

Weight of Freight: How expensive is shipping Russian coal?

Russian coal freight rates have dropped below levels seen in 2022. The market has experienced significant upheaval owing to events of the previous year, but participants have apparently adapted to the new environment. Rates are aligning with global trends, which were ch...


Freight & Transportation Coal English Russian

07 July 2023

Weight of Freight: China may surprise the dry bulk market with stimulus: Arrow Shipbroking Group

This episode explores the recent jump in Atlantic Capesize rates, the possibility of Chinese real estate market stimulus, and the increasing importance of sentiment on the market as dry bulk rates remain lower than anticipated in the second half of 2023.


Chinese English Global Freight & Transportation

20 June 2023

Weight of Freight: Panama Canal - The strain to come for the LPG and ammonia fleets

The Panama Canal remains the focal point for conversations about the very large gas carrier (VLGC) market, as it can have a profound impact on freight rates. With more demand for US LPG anticipated, is the Panama Canal set to get even busier?


LPG/NGL Latin America and Caribbean North America English

22 May 2023

Weight of Freight: In for the long haul

It was meant to be a good year for very large crude carriers (VLCCs) — the workhorses of the global tanker market that ferry 2mn barrels of oil at a time, primarily from the Mideast Gulf to China. The easing of Covid-19 restrictions in China was expected to unleash the ...


English Freight & Transportation Global

16 May 2023

Clean tanker rates plunge in May: Is recovery possible amid alternative feedstocks and Russian options?

Alternative feedstocks and a spike in Russian-origin naphtha has pressured clean tanker rates in the Mideast Gulf to move down in May. Are there opportunities for recovery? Is the outlook bleak? Or are volatile rates on the Mideast Gulf to Japan route here to stay?


Global Freight & Transportation English

02 May 2023

Weight of Freight: How expensive is shipping Russian crude?

How much does it cost to move Russian crude and how do the oil price cap and “shadow fleet” influence the sanctions price tag for every barrel?


Freight & Transportation English Global

26 April 2023

Weight of Freight: EU demand for US diesel to boost Americas tankers

Higher European demand for US diesel is likely to put upward pressure on Americas clean tanker rates during the second half of this year, as the 5 February EU restrictions on Russian refined product imports forces importers in the region to seek sup...


Freight & Transportation English Global

17 April 2023

Weight of Freight: Capesize rates unlikely to receive support from Australian coal

It has been more than two months since the HL Taean left the Australian port of Newcastle for Fangcheng in China. This was the first Capesize vessel loaded with coal to leave Australia for China since the informal Chinese ban on Australian coal. Does this development su...


English Global Freight & Transportation

20 March 2023

Weight of Freight: Will vessel inefficiencies offset the VLGC order book in 2023?

The order book for very large gas carriers (VLGCs) is significant this year, when compared with the number of deliveries over recent years, and there are concerns from the market that the large number of arrivals will depress global freight rates. But there are a few fa...


English Global Freight & Transportation

14 March 2023

Weight of freight: Surge in Chinese crude demand may signal tanker rebound

China’s resurgent appetite for oil following the end of its strict zero-Covid policy is triggering an upcycle for oil tanker freight rates, as demand from the world’s biggest crude importer stretches the global fleet of 2mn bl very large crude carriers (VLCCs)


Global Freight & Transportation English

07 March 2023

Weight of Freight: A Year of Change

The Russia-Ukraine conflict and subsequent US and European embargoes have lengthened oil supply chains, straining the capacity of the global tanker fleet.


Crude oil Freight & Transportation Global English

13 February 2023

Weight of Freight: Russian trade flows pressure dirty tanker freight

The shift in trade patterns with the continuing Russia-Ukraine conflict has pressured freight rates lower for dirty tankers, as reduced tonne-mile-demand and a lack of Russian volumes shipped on larger vessels has led to a vicious downwards cannibalisation within the ta...


English Freight & Transportation Global

09 February 2023

Weight of Freight: Can the ammonia fleet match growing demand?

There has been plenty of noise over the demand profile of ammonia, both as a commodity and a marine fuel, with the product being touted as the ideal solution in the race to decarbonise shipping. But with all the talk of large demand projects, will there be enough vessel...


Freight & Transportation English Global

19 January 2023

Weight of Freight: These 3 factors could spur a crude freight rebound

The tanker chartering rush that pushed crude freight rates to record highs in November 2022 is over, but the question remains: what could cause rates to rebound?


Freight & Transportation Global English

19 January 2023

Weight of Freight: Dry bulk ton-miles soar as Europe moves from Russian coal

Last year, the dry bulk trade routes in Europe were reshaped after the European Union and other countries exercised sanctions against Russia. After Russian coal was banned in Europe in August, the ton-miles increased in the region, but it didn`t support the rates for dr...


Freight & Transportation Global Agriculture Coal Metals Natural gas/LNG English

16 December 2022

Weight of Freight: Georgia’s IMO rep talks fake registrations

Matthew Mitchell, Market Reporter at Argus sits down with Ivane Abashidze, Georgia's rep to the IMO and Vice Chair to the IMO Legal Commitee as they discuss the IMO's legal committee and some of the issues it deals with including insurance and sanctions.


English Freight & Transportation Global

13 December 2022

Driving Discussions and the Weight of Freight: Why 2023 will be a year of change for diesel shipping

European distillates’ demand will shape the global flows and the shipping market, which is to become a central element for the supply of Diesel into Europe, particularly from February 2023 onwards, once Russian Diesel is phased out.


Russian English Freight & Transportation

23 November 2022

Weight of Freight: Coasting through the winter and into 2023?

This latest Weight of Freight podcast episode focuses on the 2023 orderbook, the return of the European refineries, Polish demand and what these could all mean for freight rates.


English Europe Freight & Transportation LPG/NGL

28 October 2022

Weight of Freight: Urals crude seeks outlets under the cover of darkness

Russian charterers have been hunting for alternative ways of exporting crude as EU sanctions loom, and many have started to consider running “dark” — long the key to sanctioned Iran maintaining a presence in the global oil market.


Crude oil Freight & Transportation Global Africa Asia-Pacific Europe FSU Latin America and Caribbean Middle East English

22 June 2022

Weight of Freight: Euronav breaks down decarbonization for tankers

Euronav’s Head of Fuel Procurement, Rustin Edwards, joins Argus Head of Freight Alex Younevitch


English Freight & Transportation Global
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